Akamawa - December 2018 Donations

Every month AKAMAWA Music donates 20% of all nett revenue (street-play cash-revenue, gigs, concerts, album-sales, music-downloads & streaming, radio-play, direct art-sales) to a charitable nonprofit group or organization (“cause of the month”)

December 2018 donations go to: refugee-children via Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland.


...care to help?

All donations are directly distributed as follows:

  • 20% to above-mentioned “cause of the month”
  • 60% to InsideOut Care coaching-activities & people-projects
  • 20% to music & art development (e.g. new music) 

If you need a tax-receipt or want to receive a code to download free music, or a 10% discount at ioPRO (donations higher than €9,- ) please include your name and e-mail address in a message. Your email-address is safe with us, and will only be used to send you the above-mentioned information.

THheartNKS for your support,
with kind regards,


IRREVOCABLE (EP by Akamawa) -only 100 available-